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With an unmatched range of Bitcoin games and the best betting limits, make Bitcoin Casino your top priority. Whether you are after classic table games, themed bitcoin slots, keno or video poker, we have got them all, along with many live dealer tables with immediate seating.

Our collection of Bitcoin Casino games is extremely extensive and updating constantly. We have all the casino staples like roulette, craps, and blackjack, but the options extend beyond these.


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Bitcoin Casino is dedicated to offering you something new and something exciting with its games. Play different bitcoin gambling games without any hassles and complications with Bitcoin Casino

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Dice games are the games in which you use one or more dice that randomly decide the player’s next move or the number of steps. We have a large variety of dice games on our platform for you to enjoy.

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Bitcoin Casino is the home to the best poker games online. Whether you are a new poker player or an experienced one, our platform offers a wide range of high, medium, and low stakes tables for you to play.

Spin Games

We bring you a wide collection of spin games at Bitcoin Casino that you can play and enjoy. Spin the most excellent reels, best a Blackjack dealer, and enjoy a lot more action along with games at Bitcoin Casino.

A Comprehensive Guide on Bitcoin Casino

As the most common and popular digital currency, Bitcoin (BTC) is booming as the preferred means for online transactions. This has also extended to using Bitcoin in lieu of traditional currency resulting in Bitcoin gaming, Bitcoin gambling, and online casinos.

Do Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

This brings us to Bitcoin Casino where most of the online casinos have made provisions for gambling, sports betting, and other casino games like Blackjack roulette, slot games, video poker, etc. with Bitcoins as one of the options along with the standard currency.

While this may be true, Bitcoins do not apply to land-based casinos. However, some of the casinos solely use Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrencies. And, this makes it more popular among the crypto players who trade in cryptocurrency.

Also, a few casinos like BitStarz that is operated by Direx NV on the SoftSwiss platform enable players to play online casino games for EUR (Euros) using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc.

Needless to say, a Bitcoin casino enables players to use Bitcoin and not the other types of cryptocurrencies. And, this holds good for players to play the big jackpot games as well. That being said, we will learn all about the Bitcoin casinos with special emphasis on free Bitcoin casino later in the article.

What is Bitcoin Casino?

Over the decades, online casinos have risen in popularity. And, in a bid to gain a competitive edge with hundreds of online casino sites, they have included Bitcoin as an additional transaction method to further Bitcoin gaming.

In layman’s language, any casino that accepts Bitcoin or equivalent cryptocurrency for casino transactions either exclusively or alongside traditional currency like EUR or USD is referred to as a Bitcoin casino.

Nevertheless, casino reviews point out that not all online casino games could be played using cryptocurrency. And, especially when the casinos transact with both cryptocurrency and traditional currency. They also provide casino ratings to help you choose better.

However, online casinos transacting only with Bitcoins (BTC) and similar cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Altcoin, etc. have games that one can play by transacting in cryptocurrencies.

That being said, players look for casinos with both cryptocurrency and regular or fiat currency transactions to play their favorite casino games. They also prefer games that are not limited to just one of the currency forms.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Legit?

Bitcoin gambling is an experience in itself with a wide selection of games. However, before indulging in the wide range of games, make sure to ask yourself whether the Bitcoin casino is legit or not.

Certain key features like the fact that the casino is licensed and regulated along with the fact that it has provably fair games will help you choose the top Bitcoin casinos.

While Bitcoin gambling is legal in certain places, the rules change for certain cities. For instance, in the US, Bitcoin gambling is considered to be legal in Nevada (NV), New Jersey, and Delaware.

Thus, before choosing a Bitcoin casino make sure whether it is legal or not in your jurisdiction.

Why are Bitcoin Casinos growing in popularity?

The major reason for the booming popularity of Bitcoin gambling and other live dealer casino games is that in countries like the US, post-2006, bank transactions including using debit/credit cards for making deposits and withdrawals for casino transactions are prohibited.

While highly regulated most of the cryptos are not bound by such restrictions. Thus, transacting with Bitcoin cash is considered to be both safe and legal in countries that otherwise prohibit bank transactions for players. Thus, whether playing in a Bitcoin casino is legal or not in your jurisdiction, you can still play Bitcoin gambling as you remain safe and within the confines of it being legal.

BTC or other cryptos based games offer a provably fair chance to all players where the online casino uses RNG to come with a result which is further hashed with a secret number generated via an algorithm. Once this secret number is hashed, we get what is known as a ‘fingerprint’ which is unique or that cannot be duplicated.

This enhanced security with provably fair games backed by algorithms leaves no scope for the Bitcoin gambling site to be rigged is the main reason accounting to its popularity.

Apart from this, BTC or other types of cryptocurrencies, although regulated, do not fall under the regulations or legalities of many countries. Thus, if online gambling or online casinos is illegal in certain countries, the players can still indulge in Bitcoin gambling and online casino games under legal grounds.

Safeguard your personal information and bank details

One of the major reasons that account for the popularity of Bitcoin gambling and Bitcoin casino, in general, is the fact that it offers anonymity. Thus, your personal information is always safe. It is also one of the reasons players prefer online gambling exclusive for BTC or other cryptocurrencies when compared to regular online casinos with only currency payment options.

Players can play for Euros with crypto at online casino sites like BitStarz. While BitStarz is operated by Direx NV, there are other casinos of Direx NV operated on the SwissSoft platform.

Direx N operated Bitcoin gambling sites have a broad array of bonuses and casino games. Also, players can withdraw their winnings faster when compared to regular online casinos. There are no additional processing fees and transaction charges, which is an added advantage.

While the crypto transaction enabled casino sites are commonly referred to as online Bitcoin casino, they also enable transactions using a myriad of cryptocurrencies and currencies.

Direx NV operated Bitcoin gambling and casino sites also offer a broad spectrum of cashback bonuses. In fact, the players can also play all the casino games using crypto and may also participate in casino tournaments using BTC or sometimes play games for as low as mBTC as well.

Amazing Welcome Bonuses and Loyalty Rewards

Even if the casinos have cryptos as a suitable option for payments including deposits and withdrawals, most of the Direx N operated casinos offer amazing welcome bonuses to new players. These rewards have, in fact, attracted new players to play one or other types of online gambling games.

And, this may also be referred to as the first deposit bonus. Apart from this, deposit bonuses are provided to existing players for every deposit made. Whether the deposit is made in BTC, ETH, LTC or in USD or EUR, players get a minimum of 100 free spins or 100 bonus. In fact, some sites operated by Direx N also offer 200 bonus.

While the bonuses are a given in most of the Direx N owned and operated Bitcoin casinos, the players also receive loyalty and VIP rewards. These may range from free spins to freerolls to Bitcoin cash to real money.

Bitcoin casino free BTC is also offered apart from the ones listed above. While online casinos, in general, offer free spins to players, online Bitcoin casinos with exclusive Bitcoin (BTC) or other crypto transactions offer Bitcoin casino free spins. Meaning whenever you make a Bitcoin cash deposit, you will be rewarded with free spins and Bitcoin casino free BTC for added gambling experience.

How do Bitcoin Casinos work?

In a casino Bitcoin may be used as one of the transaction methods to deposit and withdraw cryptos to play many gambling games. In fact, Bitcoin casinos are a means to legalize table games or dealer games. As stated earlier, Bitcoin casinos are not bound to the legalities even if they are not considered to be legal in certain countries.

Further, the players are highly protected as these sites or the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. are licensed and regulated by companies like Direx NV, AntillePhone NV, Habanero, to name a few.

So, how do the Bitcoin casinos work? The dealer games are backed by gaming software that relies on RNG which is provably fair as it’s determined by certain algorithms. In other words, the software which is either owned and operated by the gaming company like Direx NV or smaller Bitcoin gambling casinos that rent such software is perceived as the cards dealer.

The same theory applies to slot games, table games, and other live casino games like Blackjack Roulette, to name a few. Thus, most of the players today prefer Bitcoin casinos rather than regular online casinos with exclusive currencies like EUR or USD for an amazing gambling experience.

As there are no transaction and processing fees involved for either the casino or the players, the online casino Bitcoin can offer attractive bonuses including free spins and other welcome bonus, deposit bonus, first deposit bonus up to 1 BTC or sometimes 5 BTC, to name a few.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Casino?

Make sure to always look for pointers that indicate a provably fair play, which can be accounted for by the Bitcoin casino owned and operated company like Direx N or AntillePhone NV. Also, look for a bonus up to 1 BTC or more.

The free spins and bonuses offered is yet another sign to look for while choosing the best casino Bitcoin. While bonus up to 1 BTC is ideal try to search for BTC casinos with bonuses up to 5 BTC. Also, free spins up to 200 and also the Bitcoin casino free BTC is ideal.

Always understand the wagering requirements and the terms and conditions involved when you consider the bonuses as they vary from one Bitcoin casino to another.

Most of the Bitcoin casinos offer a welcome bonus and a first deposit bonus while the former may also be considered as a signup bonus. The key to choose the best Bitcoin casino is to look for additional bonuses and loyalty rewards like second, third, fourth, and consecutive deposit bonuses.

Alongside these bonuses, Bitcoin casino free spins will also help you to provide you with the best gambling experience where you can play not just the table games but also slot games.

Apart from this, also make sure that the Bitcoin casino offers quality customer support to clarify your concerns whenever you play or when you have doubts related to payouts.

While Bitcoin casino free spins may be considered as an element to look for, Bitcoin casino free BTC is yet another indicator as not all of the Bitcoin casino offers it. A fair share of free spins and Bitcoin casino free BTC will certainly entice you. However, please make sure the Bitcoin casino offering it is regulated.

The bottom line is you may come across plenty of Bitcoin casinos but the trick lies in understanding the regulations, benefits and bonuses along with the wagering requirements to make informed decisions. Bitcoin (BTC) casino review will also help you in narrowing down your preferences as they provide you with end-to-end information about the bonuses and free spins involved. Click here to know more about legitimate Bitcoin Casino platforms with experts review.

Tips to Choose the Best Bitcoin Casino Online

If you are still uncertain as to how to choose the best online Bitcoin BTC casino, here are a few tips to make it easy for you.

To play Bitcoin (BTC) gambling games, you must first understand whether they are eligible for other currencies or exclusive for BTC or other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, to name a few. And, based on your preference, if you want to play using your BTC or Bitcoin cash, choose games that are eligible for the same.

This is where choosing the right Bitcoin (BTC) casino counts. One key feature to look for would be analyzing the range of games that are eligible for BTC and traditional currencies that reflect on the casino website.

Provably fair games as assured by the game developers and confirmed by any authentic online review is yet another sure-fire sign of choosing the right casino. Such casinos leave no scope for errors or opportunities for the casinos to be rigged.

Count your bonuses. While bonuses are a good initiative to play, they must not be limited or limit you in making the right decision. Explore all the bonuses the online casino has in store. Look for ways to get them with very little investment from your end. Scrutinize the signup or welcome bonus and look for hidden agendas to use the bonus.

Never let go of the casinos with weekly special bonuses and deposit bonuses other than the first deposit bonus.

What is the best Bitcoin casino?

Now coming to the best Bitcoin casino, they are typically ranked based on the fact whether they are provably fair or not. Some of the provably fair BTC casinos are BitStarz, FortuneJack, and 7Bit Casino. Also, one cannot forget BitCasino, the first licensed and regulated and also legitimate BTC casino.

These above-listed casinos are provably fair, they differ in their welcome bonus, first deposit, and deposit bonus. While BitStarz has a deposit bonus of up to 5 BTC, FortuneJack has up to 1.5 BTC.

BitStarz also has amazing customer support where the customer queries are also answered in live chat rooms for a quick response. Further, it is regulated by the Curacao government making it a legit BTC casino.

Direx in N V operates most of the provably fair casinos including BitStarz and 7Bit Casino. That being said, highlighting the best Bitcoin Casino, our top pick will be BitStarz casino that is owned and operated by Direx N V and BitCasino.

Although not exclusively a crypto casino, players can play EUR games using BTC, ETC, ITC, and other cryptocurrencies. New players receive a signup bonus up to 1 BTC. 200 free spins every Wednesday is yet another advantage that makes BitStarz an ideal online Bitcoin casino to play online gambling.

Apart from this, players get a bonus up to 1 BTC for the second deposit and 2 BTC for the third deposit as well. Not only are they licensed and regulated, but they also have an amazing support team.

Apart from the first deposit bonus up to 1 BTC or 200 free spins every week, or consecutive deposit bonus of up to 5 BTC, this Bitcoin casino also offers amazing loyalty and VIP bonuses.

Needless to say, we often suggest players make informed decisions while choosing any online casino Bitcoin or with traditional currency payments.

Bitcoin live dealer casino games

Online reviews claim that live casino games are not eligible for crypto transactions. On the contrary, some of the best Bitcoin casino that are regulated like BitCasino and BitStarz offer a plethora of live casino games or live dealer games. In fact, Bitcoin casinos offer more than 100 live dealer games in certain BTC casinos like BitStarz. Such a type of casino also accepts a variety of currencies for a broad range of games.

Transacting in Bitcoin cash at the online casinos is convenient due to three main reasons, it’s faster, it’s safe, and it’s also economical. While deposits and withdrawals may take anywhere between 1 to 20 minutes, which is indeed considered to be faster when compared to regular currency online casinos.

The BTC casino uses highly secure encryption software for enhanced safety of the players. And, apart from this, the user information is also safe with such BTC casinos as anonymity is one of the salient features where any user may choose not to offer their personal information like email id, phone number, bank account details, etc.

Deposits and withdrawals are quite economical where both players/users and the BTC casino do not bear the additional transaction charges when dealing with BTC, ETH, BCH or other cryptos. Needless to say, we have already established the fact that most of the BTC casinos have provably fair live dealer games.

Online casino Bitcoin like BitStarz and Casoo has more than 150 live dealer table games. Apart from Bitcoin gambling, they also have slot games for which they regularly offer free spins and other bonuses.

Habanero is known for being the developer of provably fair games online. The casinos listed on some of the Habanero websites are thus truly authentic and fair. And two such casinos included in the common lists are BritStarz and BitCasino US.

All About Free Bitcoin Casino for Beginners

When you are new to Bitcoin gambling or the concept of online casinos in general, to remain on the safer side you will certainly look for free casino games. And, in the case of BTC casinos or Bitcoin casino, players will definitely search for a free Bitcoin casino. However, this leads to a major concern, can you play in Bitcoin casino for free.

Now, get your gaming dice rolling as there are indeed more than one free Bitcoin casinos that allow players to play for free. Such no deposit Bitcoin casinos also offer Bitcoin casino free spins and other bonuses.  

In fact, some BTC casinos offer Bitcoin cash bonus up to 1 BTC or 5 BTC depending on the casino for simply signing up. Meaning players can play for free. Apart from these free spins are also offered.

Thus, before choosing a Bitcoin casino, please make sure to choose such rewards and bonuses. And, if you have any doubts or concerns regarding the bonus or free spins always contact the casino’s customer support.

In fact, the support team of the casino Bitcoin supporting the player’s concerns at any time of the day is the sign of the best online casino.

No deposit Free Bitcoin Casino

BitStarz owned and operated by Direct NX is one of the Bitcoin casinos with provably fair games that offer 20 free spins with no deposit. Also, the games are not limited, unlike other online casinos that are not exclusive for cryptos. In fact, using BTC or other cryptocurrencies, you can play for Euros too.

If you are very keen to play for free, look for a signup bonus up to 1 BTC or 5 BTC where you can play games for free until you exhaust the allotted free BTC.

Online Casino Bitcoin games are often limited wherein to play all the games players must make a deposit of regular currency. And, to play such games for free, you can signup for free to get no deposit bonus in currency (EURO, USD, etc.)

Now that you have a fair idea of what are Bitcoin Casinos online and how to choose the best Bitcoin-based casino with great bonuses, loyalties, and free spins, signup today with the online casino of your choice to get them all. Play all the casino games that you always wanted to for a better Bitcoin gaming experience.


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Since Bitcoin Gaming has seen an increase in its popularity, we have stayed at the forefront of Bitcoin gaming, offering a fast, fair, and fun experience for those Bitcoin gambling enthusiasts.

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